WordPress hacked?

Joel Finlinson joel at finlinson.net
Tue Sep 14 11:07:58 MDT 2010

Hello friends

I have a low usage, personal WordPress blog and have been getting several
messages every day similar to the following that says:


Hello joel,

A new User has registered at (WordPress blog name)
This e-mail contains their details:

Name - blueddife
E-mail - alfredzabas at gmail.com
Username - blueddife

Please do not respond to this message as it is automatically generated and
is for information purposes only


When I look at the users within WP, I never see any of these newly
registered users.  Just the same standard 9 users which I know who they

I've always updated to latest version of WP (currently 3.0.1) and use only
one plugin of Akismet which is also at the the latest version of 2.3.0.

I'm hosted at bluehost.com and called to ask if they might help me figure
out what is going on.  Suggested I ftp all the files down and scan them for
a virus.

I worked through this link


and exported all the info into and XML file (not the database)....and
imported it into a newly created install.....and lo and behold, I'm still
getting the email messages saying new User has registered.....but I never
see them.

   Looking for some more suggestions.  Thanks.


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