The Git Challenge

Andrew McNabb amcnabb at
Mon Sep 13 21:42:08 MDT 2010

This week's UUG meeting:

Take on the Git Challenge.  We'll give you a list of tasks to carry out,
based on your level of experience.  Learn how to use version control to
protect your files, collaborate, and track changes.  If this all sounds
routine, then practice branching, stashing, and cherry picking.  And if
that isn't crazy enough for you, then try to commit to a bare repository
or edit history.

Computers will be available for hands-on learning, and there will be
plenty of opportunities to ask for help.  Whatever your level, this will
be a great chance to become more comfortable with Git.

Thursday, September 16
7:00 pm
1029 TMCB (Talmage Building)

Andrew McNabb
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