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<quote name="William Attwood" date="Mon, 13 Sep 2010 at 11:42 -0600">
> Sabma shares work in that they aren't hidden from view, only secured by
> access rules.   Can you confirm that even though your user3 can see it,
> user3 cannot view it?

I don't think that's completely accurate. When I set up [home] shares, I
only *see* the shares if I provide username and password of the user the
[home] belongs to, and I never see other people's [home] share. That's
the limit of my knowledge, however. But I imagine it must be possible to
make it invisible to unauthorized users.

My guess is that making them non-browesable and setting the allowed
users is working just fine, and that the authentication is failing and
that is why it's "everyone can see it or no-one can." When it's open,
everyone can see it, when it's restricted, no-one can see it because
authentication is failing. My next guess is that you just need to run
smbpasswd -a <user> for each user.

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