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Mon Sep 13 19:44:38 MDT 2010

<quote name="Merrill Oveson" date="Mon, 13 Sep 2010 at 11:50 -0600">
> yeah, they can't get in - that is if they click on it, they're
> prompted for user name and password.
> I believe the first rule of security is "Don't show the thief where
> the doors are."

That is a disastrous policy. "Security by obscurity" it is often called,
and it's almost a derogatory term. If you want to add obscurity as one
final layer on top of a well thought out and implemented security
strategy, then go for it, but to call it the first rule is just folly.

Von Fugal
Government is a disease that masquerades as its own cure
-- Robert Lefevre
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