Writing a simple python web app

Dave Smith dave at thesmithfam.org
Sun Sep 12 10:00:20 MDT 2010

<snip>Lost of good feedback so far</snip>

Some more info:

This app is ultimately destined for an embedded board running around 600MHz. Right now it's running on an old beige Dell at 600Mhz with 92MB of RAM (on Slackware), which simulates the embedded environment pretty well.

I created a Python web service (using BaseHTTPServer) that serves up YAML and lets you status and control the embedded box via HTTP GETs and POSTs, respectively. This is the back-end of the system, and it does its own persistence using Python Pickles (fun stuff). It stores very little data (think 10s of Kilobytes).

I wanted to keep this YAML control/status service separate from the GUI so I could easily create multiple clients, including an iPhone client and a python-based web app (that may or may not run on the same box).

So now my questions:

1. Can you point me to a good primer on getting started with Django without a database?

2. Do you think Django would work well with the limited hardware specs I cited above?



P.S. I'll unveil this thing in a couple months when it's more mature. What a nail-biter!

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