streaming video server

Tod Hansmann tod at
Thu Sep 9 13:16:56 MDT 2010

  Along with the other great suggestions, this is exactly what UStream 
does.  Might be a model you're looking for, might not.

-Tod Hansmann

On 9/9/2010 11:04 AM, Kyle Waters wrote:
> So, I'm interested in setting up a streaming video server.  Someone
> would run a client on their laptop with a web cam and connect to the
> server, the server would then stream the video out to users of the
> website(a delay up to ten minutes is acceptable).  I've found some
> commercial software available to do this but would of course prefer free
> software, or at least server side solutions that run on linux. Does any
> one have any experience or suggestions, third party integrate solutions
> are acceptable.
> Kyle
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