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You can manually set your routing; I'm assuming that is what is failing, the
routing table is sending your external traffic out a gateway associated with
your phantom network.

command prompt :: route print

On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 1:39 PM, Merrill Oveson <moveson at> wrote:

> Plug:
> Sorry to post a windows 7 question, but I figured many of us do sys
> admin for Windows as well..
> Anybody know how to fix this?
> I've got one nic, yet it shows two networks.  I'd like to delete one.  How?
> I believe this is what's preventing the user from accessing the
> internet.  He can access everything inside the network, but not the
> internet.
> Thought the solution was the "Bonjour" problem, but that didn't solve
> the problem.
> Thanks
> Merrill
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