Hadoop Plug Meeting?

Ryan Simpkins plug at ryansimpkins.com
Wed Oct 27 23:36:57 MDT 2010

On Wed, October 27, 2010 21:08, Bryan Sant wrote:
> Would anyone be interested in a presentation on MapReduce generally
> and Hadoop specifically?  If so, I'd like to present.
> Hadoop is an open-source MapReduce framework inspired by Google's
> MapReduce and Google File System (GFS) papers.  It's used to process
> "Big Data" (petabytes) by distributing work across tens, hundreds, or
> thousands of nodes in a cluster.  Hadoop is used by Google, eBay,
> Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, Adobe, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Intel, Tynt
> (hey, that's where I work!)...  Pretty much any shop with Big Data...
> Including Microsoft / Bing -- oh, the Irony.
> More here:
> http://hadoop.apache.org/
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hadoop
> http://sortbenchmark.org/
> http://wiki.apache.org/hadoop/PoweredBy
> Interest?

PLUG would love to have you present. Would November 11th work? That is a

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