Is there a plug meeting this week?

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Sun Oct 10 23:45:01 MDT 2010

On Sun, October 10, 2010 13:01, Von Fugal wrote:
> Just curious, the website doesn't say anything about a plug meeting, but
> the second Wednesday is fast approaching.

Quick update about meetings:

* We will have a meeting every month. I would recommend we alternate the night
between the second Thursday and Wednesday every month ( ). However, I wouldn't want to actually make
that change unless you folks think that is okay. Anyone object?

* There will be a generic meeting reminder that will go out. Plan on every
plug meeting being "open mic" (old school style!). If we do get a presenter, I
will include those details in the announcement. If you would prefer that every
meeting have a presenter, so would I. Feel free to volunteer to arrange a
presenter every month.

* On an open night you can bring your own mini presentation, questions for
whoever is there, latest geek creation, My Little Pony collection, etc.
Remember, it does not have to be strictly Linux related. Anything that might
interest the group is open. I will try my best to have a few discussion
starter ideas to share at the beginning.

* After every meeting, the common space will be available for networking and
social discussion until security asks us to leave.



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