What Is Your Favorite Terminal Setup?

Eric Wald eswald at brainshell.org
Sat Oct 9 18:07:49 MDT 2010

On Fri, Oct 8, Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> I've been using gnome-terminal for years. Usually with just one tab opened in
> to a master screen session. It isn't uncommon to have 20+ active sessions on
> various systems. The most I've had running under normal use was around 50.

Impressive.  I rarely have more than fifteen screen windows open.  Then
again, I've had over a hundred files open in gvim at once, spread across
a dozen tabs.

> What I do is create a master screen session with ctrl-f as escape key, with no
> hardstaus line. Then I can spawn sub screens with ctrl-a (default) as escape,
> with a custom hardstatus at the bottom (window name, color highlights).

I use the backtick as my escape key, with a list of window names and the
current time as my hardstatus line.  That probably cemented my habit of
using the number keys to switch windows, which has in turn trained me to
keep important sessions in consistent window numbers.  I have also
extended the number-switching keybindings into the teens with shift, and
have a special sequence for switching to an open shell.

> I've been wondering though, are there other terminal emulators out there worth
> looking at? I chose gnome-terminal because it was there and seemed to work.

I tend to use the standard terminal for the same reason, though I do get
annoyed by the ones that make less sessions disappear when they close.
At one point I knew how to configure that option out, but it's easier to
force the terminal to always open screen.

> So the question to the group is, what cool and amazing terminal emulators and
> terminal tricks do you use?

The craziest I've gotten was hacking screen on my home server to support
a firstline hardstatus option.  That makes life particularly interesting
when connecting its screen session to that on a computer without that
patch; one status line is on top and the other on bottom.

- Eric

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