What Is Your Favorite Terminal Setup?

edfelt at gmail.com edfelt at gmail.com
Sat Oct 9 10:58:47 MDT 2010

"Wow, you know all of the 3 individuals that use emacs?  Impressive."

In good fun, I have to say I guess I am the 4th emacs user then. It has always confused me why the default bash editing mode is emacs while the default system text editor is always vi. Consistency would be nice here.  Anyone who knows emacs automatically knows the default command line editing tricks you can do on most distros. 

Unfortunately, I am stuck on Windblows for work so I use cygwin putty.  When I work side jobs at home I use gnome terminal. I have noticed stability issues as well so I will have to try some of the suggestions here. 

- Ed
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