What Is Your Favorite Terminal Setup?

Ryan Simpkins plug at ryansimpkins.com
Fri Oct 8 15:35:06 MDT 2010

I've been using gnome-terminal for years. Usually with just one tab opened in
to a master screen session. It isn't uncommon to have 20+ active sessions on
various systems. The most I've had running under normal use was around 50.

What I do is create a master screen session with ctrl-f as escape key, with no
hardstaus line. Then I can spawn sub screens with ctrl-a (default) as escape,
with a custom hardstatus at the bottom (window name, color highlights).
Finally, I have scripts that auto-title the terminal windows as I move in and
out of servers. I also have "action scripts" that auto-label a screen as
needing attention. A quick ctrl+f " shows me all my auto-labeled top level
screen sessions with obvious highlights on anything that needs some focus.

I've been wondering though, are there other terminal emulators out there worth
looking at? I chose gnome-terminal because it was there and seemed to work.
There have been occasions where it has frozen up on me. The background options
are adequate, but I wish there were more things to tweak. Basically, I love
having lots of things to twiddle, switch, mash, and mix.

So the question to the group is, what cool and amazing terminal emulators and
terminal tricks do you use?

There are quite a few to choose from:

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