Last chance to participate in the PGP Keysigning party at UTOS

Aaron Toponce aaron.toponce at
Wed Oct 6 13:53:51 MDT 2010

Tomorrow starts the first day of the UTOS conference. Our party is
scheduled for Friday, at 19:30. Details to the event can be found here:

I've already sent out two emails detailing exactly what is required of
you to participate. You can read the previous emails (for example, the
one here on SLLUG:)

Repeated again for your enjoyment:

Required Items?

       1. Physical attendance.
       2. Positive government-issued picture ID.
       3. Your key ID, key type, HEX fingerprint, and key size printed.
          $ gpg --fingerprint "youremail at domain.tld"
       4. A pen/pencil or something to write with.
       5. NO computer.

What do I need from you?

       1. An email with the subject "My public key"
       2. Your public key attached to that email.
          $ gpg --armor --export "youremail at domain.tld" > /tmp/key.asc
       3. Any questions you have regarding the keysinging party.

So far, these are all the keys that have been sent to me:

    - Aaron Toponce (myself)
    - Jacob Albretsen
    - Corey Edwards
    - Von Fugal
    - Michael Holley
    - Christian Horne
    - Allen Lowe
    - Jon Jensen
    - Stephen McQuay
    - Trevor Sharpe
    - Jared Smith
    - Joshua Tolley

If your name isn't in this list, you either haven't sent me your key, or
it went to SPAM (which is highly unlikely given the criteria of my
filter) and I missed it.

I'll accept keys up to 15:00 MDT Fri, at which point I'll be printing the
key info of everyone on a sheet of paper that will be handed out at the
party for verification.

Any questions, please let me know. See you at the party.

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