Getting VGA out of an HDMI port on a ION netbook.

Michael Torrie torriem at
Wed Nov 24 14:18:33 MST 2010

I'm looking at buying a nVidia ION-powered netbook that has a built-in
HDMI port.  Occasionally I may wish to attach this netbook to a
projector, which is likely going to be VGA.  I see that fairly cheap
HDMI to VGA cables can be purchased, but I assume they only work if the
VGA signals are sent through the HDMI cable.  I have looked at the ION
chipset specs and it's not clear whether they send VGA through the HDMI
port or not.  nVidia simply says they can do HDMI, displayport, or VGA.
 If any of you have a netbook with the ION chipset, can you drive a VGA
projector through your HDMI port with an adapter cable?

Also, how well does Linux support the ION chipset?


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