clear[wire] and outside adapters

Brad Midgley bmidgley at
Wed Nov 17 12:18:12 MST 2010


Back to the hijacked topic a bit here... has anyone gotten a straight
answer from clear on whether a device I provide (like the intel wifi
link 5350 or 6250: ) could be
enrolled? It would be nice to put one in a laptop I already have.

It might also work to build your own base station that could do any
kind of network policy (bridging, vpn, etc) that you like using a
dedicated laptop or a device like this alix board

That's what I was doing with a verizon mpcix board, including a vpn
inside the access point so verizon wouldn't interfere with traffic.
The alix board can only use the usb portion of its mpcix adapter, but
the linux driver developer says that's what the intel card uses.

It likely doesn't get around weirdness like incoming port 80
filtering, assuming it's done in their network.

Brad Midgley

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