RE airport security (was Re: Breaking Mailing List Threads (Was: Re: Internet))

Michael Torrie torriem at
Tue Nov 16 16:21:36 MST 2010

On 11/16/2010 03:50 PM, Jacob Albretsen wrote:
> Quoting Derek Carter <goozbach at>:
>> On 11/16/10 4:58 PM, Stuart Jansen wrote:
>>> Lost cause. The needs of the individual always outweigh the needs of the
>>> many.
>> Which is *EXACTLY* why we need to have "National opt-out day". We have
>> to inconvenience some of these "individuals" with long lines and missed
>> flights so they wake up to the fact that they are a part of the many.
>> And slowly their rights are being eroded away.
>> </rant>
>> geez, I'm starting so sound like Glen Beck, or fozzmoo :)

You know what the problem with America is?  Everyone pees sitting down.

Couldn't resist posting this gem after Jake did such a great job setting
up for it.

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