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Tue Nov 16 14:38:26 MST 2010

<quote name="Jessie Morris" date="Tue, 16 Nov 2010 at 14:33 -0700">
> Violence and damage are two very different things. It does not always
> require violence to cause damage.


That is indeed an important part of my point. It does not matter what
the laws are if a significant amount of people are unwilling to comply
with them. What that leads to then is lawlessness and general upheaval
(though not necessarily violence).

It doesn't matter if those laws came about by majority vote, by
corruption, by usurpation or by mere artifact of representational

It is better to craft laws that are reasonable and amicable to the
populace such that you don't infuriate too large a number of them.
Von Fugal
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