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>> You're right:  the correct word he's looking for is "collectivist".
>> It's a much more useful word, because it covers a much more broad
>> list of ideologies:  communist, socialist, fascist, progressive, 
>> royalist, and even capitalist--at least, the way Marx uses the term.
> So in other words, it's just a new, broader label that can be
> conveniently applied.  Very useful.

Yes.  The reason why it's so useful is that it so conveniently covers
the idea that a Single Central Entity should be in charge of as many
things as possible.  The different names we have are merely different
ways people attempt to do this.

The polar opposite of collectivist is individualist--the idea that
individuals should be free to do what they please, so long as they are
honest, and don't harm others.  Of course, there's a lot of room for
debate on how to do that, too.

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