Joshua Lutes joshua at
Tue Nov 16 13:49:14 MST 2010

On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 12:33 PM, Von Fugal <von at> wrote:

> I have not seen any evidence or studies that fluoride does not
> accumulate.

We are not dead.  How many people are killed by fluoride poison each day?
 Year?  Decade?

> Finally, the most important question of all. If fluoride applied
> topically to the teeth is sufficient that the fluoride absorbs into
> them, and teeth is in fact the only reason we would use fluoride apart
> from killing bugs and industrial stuff, then why put it in the water, to
> ingest and effect all bones (and organs and brain and whatever else it
> effects on the way) instead of just teeth, topically?

*Does* it affect the bones and organs and brains in the amounts it is
presented?  If it does, apparently it doesn't do very much ... or maybe that
is why Americans are slipping behind these other countries in education?
 The benefits of fluoridated water (reduction in tooth decay and the very
serious problems that that causes) far outweigh the costs (it makes some
people nervous because *if get too much* *you might die!!*).

I haven't done more than thirty minutes research into this though so
something might be eluding me.  I don't know how much is retained in the
body.  Experimental evidence seems to suggest that we're doing fine, though.

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