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<quote name="Stuart Jansen" date="Tue, 16 Nov 2010 at 13:45 -0700">
> On Tue, 2010-11-16 at 13:36 -0700, Von Fugal wrote:
> > But if you piss too many people off, with too much infraction and
> > largess, then they leave the social contract. Isn't it better to try and
> > keep the contract manageable and amicable to all involved, to better
> > foster its own continuance?
> Yes and No.
> Yes. That's why we are a representational democracy. Everyone gets their
> chance to voice an opinion.
> No. Sometimes appeasement leads to peace and prosperity, other times it
> leads to WWII.
> As they say, "can't please 'em all".
> If you're so pissed off that you're ready to leave the social contract,
> be our guest. Although you will probably have a tough time finding a
> nation more in line with your ideals unless you're willing to move to
> Somalia.

Of course, you can say that now. You can say that to an individual. But
when there's a critical mass of such people who feel such a way? Then
Von Fugal
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