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> On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 11:47 AM, Bryan Sant <bryan.sant at> wrote:
>> I'll bite.  Fluoride is toxic.  Read the warning label (which the FDA
>> now requires) on a tube of toothpaste sometime.
> *Acute fluoride toxicity occurring from the ingestion of optimally
> fluoridated water is impossible.104 The amount of fluoride necessary
> to cause death for a human adult (155 pound man) has been estimated to
> be 5-10 grams of sodium fluoride, ingested at one time.140 This is more
> than 10,000-20,000 times as much fluoride as is consumed at one time
> in a single 8-ounce glass of optimally fluoridated water.*
> *
> *
> So, you need to ingest about sixty gallons at one time (we can even
> suppose you have a whole day to do that).  I suspect that if you were
> able to do that you would need to deal with other problems unrelated to
> too much fluoride.

Ok, so I'll bite now.

This assumes that you are going to drink enough fluoride to kill
yourself.  But toxicity isn't just limited to killing you!

A few weeks after I moved to Albany, New York, I began to develop a
dry patch on my arm.  After I married my wife, we moved to Troy, New York,
and the dry patches spread to both my arms, and I began to suffer from
itchy, dry skin.  On a visit to my family in Salt Lake, my father
complained that the then-recent fluoridation made his skin dry and itchy...
so I decided that I should look up symptoms of ingested fluoride.

>From this, I learned that itchy skin *is* a symptom of fluoride hyper-
sensitivity; I learned that Troy *did* fluoridate their water; and,
since I often visited my wife's family, who lived in Troy, I had exposure
to fluoridated water.

Since Albany did *not* fluoridate their water, I started to bring bottles
of water from my school; and as I avoided fluoridated water, the patches
almost went away.  They didn't go away completely until I stopped using
fluoridated toothpaste.

Granted, I haven't done a double-blind test to determine if fluoride was
the problem; it could be psychosomatic.  Even so, I have a personal reason
to avoid fluoride.

Am I against others using fluoride?  No.  Am I against putting it in
drinking water?  Yes.

Is there a conspiracy to put fluoride in the drinking water?  I doubt
it.  The conspiracy I'm closest to believing is an article that tried
to make the case that fluoride in the drinking water was a way for the
government to justify putting large amounts of waste fluoride in the air
during the Manhattan Project; and if this theory is correct, our use of
fluoride is just a stupid mask to avoid liability.

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