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> > I'll bite.  Fluoride is toxic.  Read the warning label (which the FDA
> > now requires) on a tube of toothpaste sometime.
> *Acute fluoride toxicity occurring from the ingestion of optimally
> fluoridated water is impossible.104 The amount of fluoride necessary to
> cause death for a human adult (155 pound man) has been estimated to be 5-10
> grams of sodium fluoride, ingested at one time.140 This is more than
> 10,000-20,000 times as much fluoride as is consumed at one time in a single
> 8-ounce glass of optimally fluoridated water.*
> *
> *
> So, you need to ingest about sixty gallons at one time (we can even suppose
> you have a whole day to do that).  I suspect that if you were able to do
> that you would need to deal with other problems unrelated to too much
> fluoride.

I have not seen any evidence or studies that fluoride does not
accumulate. So, you're basically saying that 60 gallons of water has
enough fluoride to kill you instantly. So at a gallon a day it would
take 2 months to drink that much. What percentage accumulates? What is
the "half life" if you will of fluoride in the body?

I did a research paper about this, granted it was 10 years ago, so I'm
probably out of date on it. But I did not find anything that made me
feel good about drinking fluoride day in and day out. Nor anything that
would allow me to make an informed decision about how much fluoride in
the water is or is not safe. Of course, the above assumes "optimally"
fluoridated water. What is the standard deviation away from that optimal
target of any given water source?

Finally, the most important question of all. If fluoride applied
topically to the teeth is sufficient that the fluoride absorbs into
them, and teeth is in fact the only reason we would use fluoride apart
from killing bugs and industrial stuff, then why put it in the water, to
ingest and effect all bones (and organs and brain and whatever else it
effects on the way) instead of just teeth, topically?
Von Fugal
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