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Tue Nov 16 09:48:44 MST 2010

>> Fortunately, the Government, in partnership with IBM and the
>> like, are working to fix this!  With Smart Grid technology,
>> we're already deactivating "unapproved" appliances at peak
>> times.

> This is indeed a worrisome development.  Perhaps the government
> has also joined up with Microsoft and their IIS web server so that
> they can use IIS to spy on us and through Internet Explorer
> control your electrical devices.  It's all so logical.

You make it seem like I'm a bit of a conspiracy nut--and, perhaps,
in some ways I am--but not on this issue.

Why team up with Microsoft, when you could spy on us through
intercepting cell phone calls and packet sniffing?  Isn't this the
type of thing NSA can--and does--do on its own?

Furthermore, why would you want to use Internet Explorer to control
other people's appliances?   Wouldn't it crash all the time, and
be subject to all sorts of hacks that would allow users to regain

When I say Government is involved, I do so because it is--partly
because they've already gotten their dirty mitts on the Grid, and
almost no one is seriously entertaining the idea of trying to get
government to pry those mitts off.  But partially because many
policicians believe it's the Right Thing.  Take the Utah State
Legislature, for example:  just this last session, they *almost*
passed a law that would require Smart Grid to be opt-out, rather
than opt-in.

And what is Smart Grid?  It's something designed to reach into our
houses, and tell us that our thermostat is too high, or we're using
too much air conditioning just now.  In other words, they are
controlling our appliances, starting with heating and cooling.

And is IBM a part of it?  Yes, they are, and they are a *proud
partner* in it.  I know this, because I've seen IBM commercials
explaining that Smart Grid is the Wave of the Future, and IBM Is
Proud to Be a Part of It(tm).  At least, I *think* it was IBM.
Maybe it was GE.  Maybe it was both, since both are heavily
involved in our electric infrastructure.

My memory is sometimes fuzzier than I would like it to be.

But in any case, there *is* a movement to create the Smart Grid,
and it *does* include means to control our appliances.  To what
extent it becomes a part of our lives, remains to be seen.

But, as Stuart pointed out, it's not a future to be afraid of,
because soon we'll have flying cars and teleportation!

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