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Tue Nov 16 08:54:15 MST 2010

> You know, it's really too bad the electric companies weren't
> more forward thinking. They should have fought for the right to
> approve what type of appliances could be plugged into the
> electric grid. Just think how much progress we could have made
> as a society! Perhaps even flying cars and teleportation. But
> because they didn't see what was coming, now all I have is a
> crappy dishwasher, high def tv, and a mac book.

Fortunately, the Government, in partnership with IBM and the like,
are working to fix this!  With Smart Grid technology, we're already
deactivating "unapproved" appliances at peak times.

> AT&T fought the good fight to keep its phone lines pure, but
> sadly the evil competition haters in the government saw an end
> to that. Now look at the cesspool we live it. My rotary phone
> broke last week and I won't be able to get a replacement for
> months. If only it were possible to carry a phone around in my
> pocket. I'm sure AT&T would have created one for us if the
> government had just let them continue to control their customers
> with an iron fist.

> Oh well, I guess it give me more time to live in a the fantasy
> world in my head where government regulation makes competition
> possible.

I'm so glad that Government Regulation creates competition!  Just
think:  without things like patents granted to Alexander Graham
Bell, we wouldn't have companies like Pa Gray competing with Ma
Bell to see who could provide the best telephone services!  Oh,
wait...Elisha Gray *didn't* get to compete with Alexander Graham
Bell...and AT&T went on to become a big Monopoly, only to have
the Government turn on it *decades* later.

I'll have to get back to you later on the "Government Fosters
Competition" meme.

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