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Fri Nov 12 13:40:48 MST 2010

On Fri, 12 Nov 2010, Stuart Jansen wrote:

> If only it were possible to carry a phone around in my pocket. I'm sure 
> AT&T would have created one for us if the government had just let them 
> continue to control their customers with an iron fist.

There's actually interesting history behind your jest. One way to look at 
things is that the government's monopoly of the airwaves delayed AT&T cell 
phone in the U.S. by 11+ years:

"In December 1971, AT&T submitted a proposal for cellular service to the 
Federal Communications Commission (FCC). After years of hearings, the FCC 
approved the proposal in 1982 for Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS) and 
allocated frequencies in the 824–894 MHz band."


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