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Fri Nov 12 13:33:32 MST 2010

You know, I find it really interesting that socialistas will go around
saying that government should make life fair for everyone. Electricity
and roads should be socialized so so everyone can enjoy a level of
service or convenience.

But what happens when YOU want to do something antisocial? You scream to
the government to MAKE your vile servants let you do it! After all, that
is what companies are doing with over provisioning their networks. They
let the many underutilizers pay for the few overutilizers. Is this not
socialization? But in order to keep it afloat, they have to levy a few
"regulations" to keep the service running smoothly. FOUL! You cry! We
regulate THEM! How dare they regulate US!!

Come off it!
Von Fugal
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