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> >> Not long ago, Von Fugal proclaimed...
> >>> So, I was thinking. There are other internet options out there these
> >>> days, wireless providers now have home internet plans, there's wimax,
> >>> etc. Problem is, I don't know where to look for these plans or from who.
> >>> Who is linux friendly? etc.
> >> 
> >> Check out 
> > 
> > Yeah, this one looks pretty good. Basic home for only $35.
> > -- 
> > Von Fugal
> Beware of clear. The gotchas may getcha. 

Yeah, I read their ToS, and saw that they don't want you doing hosting,
specifically web hosting. If I was spending a lot for one of their
better plans I might take issue with that. But for $35/mo, I can't
really complain. I've got internet, streaming works (although netflix
changed quality a few times, most of the time it was in HD), online game
play is not noticeably laggy at least for the game I play. "Double NAT"
might be an issue, especially since I love to run dnsmasq, but there are
ways around that.

So far, I'm happy with it. Personally, if I wanted to do hosting on my
own, I think I'd still pay $35 for basic service at home and spend my
would be $20 more for a beefier connection on getting a linode instead.
Maybe I'm just silly. ;)
Von Fugal
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