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> Can't find the thread, but feel free to point them here:
> "JavaScript is The Most Important Programming Language on Earth" -
> To use JavaScript as a server side administrative scripting
> environment, all you need is Node.JS.
> You get the most expressive and powerful OO environment anywhere,
> complete with a module system, filesystem, db access modules, socket
> I/O, and easy integration with the web for things like building remote
> admin interfaces and web services for cross-system interconnection.
> And, chances are pretty good you already know a little JavaScript.

Someone sure drank the kool-aid. :)  JavaScript is a pretty decent
language, and it's certainly king in its niche, but I'll bet more
people are doing sysadmin scripting in PHP than JavaScript right now,
which is actually kind of sad.  Anyone who thinks it's the most
expressive and powerful OO environment anywhere, however, needs to
take a look at more OO environments.  There's nothing particularly
unique about JavaScript except that everyone's got a JavaScript
runtime installed in their web browser and probably a couple of other


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