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Tue Nov 9 01:32:20 MST 2010

> From: Eric Hamilton <dilvie at>
> "JavaScript is The Most Important Programming Language on Earth" -

Reads heavily like a press release loaded with buzzwords and fanboy-ism.

> To use JavaScript as a server side administrative scripting
> environment, all you need is Node.JS.

Hmm. Using JavaScript as an administrative scripting language... I don't
know how I feel about that. Knowing that it was designed specifically
for the web, makes it seem like a hack getting it to perform in fuction
like Bash, Perl or the others.

> You get the most expressive and powerful OO environment anywhere,

That's a balsy claim, definitely considering some heavyweights like
Perl, Python and Ruby. How about a comparison of JavaScript to Perl or
the others? Could lead to an interesting discussion.

My only reservations would be getting node.js installed on other
platforms such as Solaris or HPUX, and if the scripts are truly portable
across those platforms. Also, assuming admins know JavaScript is a bit
of a stretch. Unless they've done some decent web development, I don't
think I would make that claim. So future maintainability of an admin
script written in JavaScript probabily won't go far.

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