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At one time, I was going to mention JavaScript, and then I showed this
thread to a good friend of mine.  Yes, that's right, consider if you will,

(09:50:00 PM) Eric Hamilton: I don't want to subscribe to the list just to
respond to some random thread about which scripting language to use.
(09:50:09 PM) Eric Hamilton: you have my permission to copy and paste my

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Can't find the thread, but feel free to point them here:

"JavaScript is The Most Important Programming Language on Earth" -

To use JavaScript as a server side administrative scripting
environment, all you need is Node.JS.

You get the most expressive and powerful OO environment anywhere,
complete with a module system, filesystem, db access modules, socket
I/O, and easy integration with the web for things like building remote
admin interfaces and web services for cross-system interconnection.

And, chances are pretty good you already know a little JavaScript.

- Eric

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> Greets,
> I recently shifted career focus from web dev to sys admin.
> As I learn Bash i'm finding more and more that knowledge of a scripting
> language is needed, though i'm seeing some talk about PERL and some talk
> Python.
> If my work environment really hasn't taken advantage of a scripting
> (nothing predefined), which should I choose?  PERL or Python?
> mj/v
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