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> > I like to think of the transition like this: (depending on the size
> > of script I need)
> >   Bash - Perl - Python
> What happened to the Ruby love on the list?

I still love ruby plenty! :) However, I would never recommend it as a
scripting language. I've tried that numerous times myself when I was
still in ruby honeymoon. It's more trouble than it's worth. Use
something scritpy like perl or bash. I'm not sure I'd even recommend
python for scripting. No, interpreted != scripting language.

> Ruby is sort of Perl-like in cleverness, but with object-orientedness
> baked into everything as with Python.  It also borrows liberally from
> Scheme and Smalltalk, which are a couple of my favorite programming
> languages.  Unfortunately, someone went and wrote Rails with it, and
> the community was apparently taken over by pretentious idiot Rails
> fanbois.  I'd recommend staying away until you are sufficiently
> inoculated against that sort of idiocy, or at least have someone you
> trust to keep you grounded in reality.

This is one big reason I love ruby. It borrows so much great stuff from
so many great places. Scheme, perl, smalltalk. My heart glows. It has
object-orientedness baked into _everything_, NOT as with python. Python
has plenty that is not objecty, and it bums me out.

As for the rails dilemma, I fully agree. Rails is awesome, don't get me
wrong, but the fanboi hordes that have loitered the community are
much like those pertaining to the Tea Party. Both are extremely
unfortunate and are to be avoided.
Von Fugal
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