Bringing in the Sheep: the FireSheep firestorm

Aaron Toponce aaron.toponce at
Sat Nov 6 07:10:37 MDT 2010

On 11/4/10 9:00 PM, Michael Torrie wrote:
> Well even if you run your own version of firefox, if the public computer
> has a keyboard logger, all bets are still off.  After seeing hacked
> Gmail accounts even for tech savy folks such as inhabit this list, I've
> about decided that logging into any site on a public computer in a
> random internet cafe is probably quite risky.  Actually logging into
> Gmail on any Windows computer is risky, it seems.

In a random "mom and pop" Internet cafe, I would understand this
concern. In an established environment, such as a major university, that
paranoia might be excessive.

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