Cypress USB device from Windows to Linux

Michael Torrie torriem at
Wed Mar 24 10:27:51 MDT 2010

Michael Torrie wrote:
> Dave Smith wrote:
>> I've got a Cypress-based USB device that has been solely used with Windows in 
>> the past. Now I want to make that device work under Linux. 

>> I don't really know where to get started. Can anyone recommend a starting 
>> point? Books? Other resources? General advice?
> It may be possible to do everything you want without writing a driver.
> Linux has some pretty advanced user space methods for interacting with
> USB devices.  This article is an introduction to libusb and friends:

I notice that this article is from a couple of years ago.  The most
recent, up-to-date documentation on libusb is located here:

It's cross-platform as well, working on Linux, BSD, OS X, and even Windows.

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