Comcast Fiber to the Node

Alec Shaw shaw.alec at
Wed Mar 17 15:57:18 MDT 2010

Another consideration is that if you have and can use an older phone 
(not cordless and without a power adapter)
then the phone set is powered by the phone line.  It can be used even if 
the power is off to your house.  The
phone company has emergency backup power generators to keep the phones 


On 3/9/2010 1:03 PM, Stuart Jansen wrote:
> On Tue, 2010-03-09 at 12:59 -0700, Corey Edwards wrote:
>> There are reasons for maintaining a POTS line, despite the reliability
>> of the 911 system. Mainly they hinge on your ability to get the call to
>> your provider in the first place. If your PBX goes belly up. If your
>> power goes out and you don't have a UPS. If you hose your dialplan. If a
>> dog chews through your ethernet cable (quite tasty I hear). If those are
>> valid concerns for you, by all means hang onto a land line.
> What if my only concern is plausible reliability? Do I still need a POTS
> line?

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