Single Board Computer Recommendations

Dave Smith dave at
Tue Mar 16 14:51:27 MDT 2010

Levi Pearson wrote:
> One cool thing you could do with a microcontroller with a bunch of I/O
> pins is hook up a rain gauge.

That would be the absolute coolest. For phase 1, I think I'm going with 
a Linux box (maybe even an old PC for the time being). I'll do the 
typical sprinkler control features, but it'll be web-based, and if I get 
adventurous, I can develop an iPhone app to control it via WiFi.

Phase 2: Put it on a tiny board in a small package, probably also Linux 

Phase 3: Moisture and temperature sensors for auto-irrigation.

Phase 4: Lots of money spent on a fun project, lost learned, and no 
profit. That's odd. Normally, phase 4 makes me rich...


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