Single Board Computer Recommendations

Kevin Crandell kevin.crandell at
Tue Mar 16 10:59:53 MDT 2010

  Yes, I forgot about that little detail, that it would only control one 
zone.  But here's a $85.94 x10 device specific for an 8-zone sprinkler 

I'm partial to x10 because you can control tons of other stuff the same 
way.  You can assign an x10 code for each zone, or one for the whole 
device.  Pretty cool.

Wireless is nice because you don't have to run wires.  With this stuff, 
you just need an outlet close by.  But it's still more than $50 for the 
other one you mentioned. :)

Dave Smith wrote:
> Kevin Crandell wrote:
>> I don't know the specifics of your sprinkler control project, but you've
>> probably heard of x10. They have a Universal Module that will allow
>> your computer to control your sprinklers through commands sent to your
>> serial or usb port. They're pretty cheap.
> They cost $10 each and only control a single valve. So I would need to
> spend $80 to control 8 valves, and power each module individually.
> Or for $50 I could buy one of these instead:
> They are wireless, so that's an advantage right? I think at $5 each, I
> would consider the X10 modules. Am I missing something?
> --Dave
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