Looking for partner in a new web-based business

Kevin Crandell kevin.crandell at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 22:04:19 MDT 2010

Hi everyone,

I am in the process of starting up a business and could really use 
another brain to share in the decision making, and development.  This is 
for a large scale LAMP project.  I'm more of a back-end developer, and 
really need someone to help with the front-end.

I have a good start on the website but I quickly got bogged down on a 
the front-end and think it's better for a professional webhead.  I can 
hold my own with javascript, but I realize that my way probably isn't 
the best way.

The gist of it is to help the local restaurants compete with large 
chains by bringing them new customers through a revolutionary new 
concept, and provide them with tools to improve their business.

Here are the requirements for the candidate partner:

* Strong XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, and jQuery skills to create a 
professional customer experience
* Communication skills
* At least 8 hours a week of development time
* Relational db experience a plus
* Internationalization/localization experience is a plus
* Previous business management experience a plus

I have a full time job and am doing this on the side, and am fine if the 
candidate is the same situation--working from home whenever you find the 
time.  I am not looking for capital, just someone to help make important 
decisions and help crank this thing out quickly.  I would rather not 
have to pay a developer right now, so I am willing to give up a 
percentage of my company for a partner instead.

I have worked out most of the kinks and strongly believe this is a 
billion dollar idea that I can't let slip away.  If interested, please 
email me your resume and we can talk.  Hopefully I can find someone 



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