Single Board Computer Recommendations

Matthew Walker mwalker at
Mon Mar 15 15:51:21 MDT 2010

On Mon, March 15, 2010 3:42 pm, Levi Pearson wrote:
> After browsing a bit, I've found that you can pick up an Arduino and
> Arduino Ethernet Shield for <$100.   If you were really ambitious and
> electronics-savvy enough, you could probably put together the parts
> that go into those things for much less, but you wouldn't have the
> nice pretty PC boards that the Arduiono form factor gives you.

If you get them in non-shield form, you can definitely get them for less, but you'll
have to do a little work to mount and wire them. No loss of functionality though. You
save $10 on the Deumilanove by getting the Pro instead, which is the same thing, just in
a different form factor, and there's similar savings to be had on ethernet chipsets.

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