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Tod Hansmann tod at
Mon Mar 15 15:31:40 MDT 2010

It was suggested I might check out the PLUG for employment by a fellow 
member.  I see a lot of acquaintances in the member list, so I joined 
up.  I got on the IRC channel last week and it's pretty good so far.

I've been doing the IT Management thing for the last two years as CTO of 
a mid-size startup in Provo.  I helped it grow from 25 to 106 employees 
and we used mostly open source solutions for our office and our three 
data centers.  We deployed on Ubuntu and CentOS.  Windows was used for 
our office domain.

I'm looking for something hopefully in the IT Management sphere, but I'm 
not afraid of hands-on either.  I'm trying to steer clear of doing 
straight development, but I've got coding skills, as many of us tend 
to.  Every time I get hired for development, I end up taking over their 
server maintenance.

- Experienced in a broad spectrum of technologies, from VoIP and 
networking to storage arrays and embedded devices.
- Quick learner, self starter.
- Good at working with diverse groups of technically oriented and 
non-technical people.
- Attentive to business needs and a problem solver
- Very capable of documenting thoroughly for maintainability of systems.

Full resume available at request, just so I know who ends up with it.


-Tod Hansmann

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