mythtv vs. comcast

Brad Midgley bmidgley at
Sun Mar 14 12:34:21 MDT 2010


Great to see I'm not alone!

> After my last full scan yesterday with MythTV and my HDHomerun I now
> have pretty much everything showing up in digital.  I just did a
> completely new scan.

My worry is I have to do a completely new scan, correlate callsigns,
etc. every time comcast changes something. 0.21 had an incremental
scan and I can't find the equivalent in 0.22.

Which ubuntu/myth are you using?

> I don't see how Mythbuntu is going to be different than your 9.10 with
> mythtv installed.

The myth packages and support packages are updated or patched better
in mythbuntu. For example, mythweb and mythexport seem to be
completely broken in ubuntu 9.10. When I look up info on how to just
add the mythbuntu repos to ubuntu, I hit warnings saying to just start
with mythbuntu from scratch. I don't really want to do that.

> I'm not totally sure if Comcast intends to continue offering all their
> SD channels unencrypted.

Right. This is why I only get basic from comcast. I don't get
broadcast TV at all or I wouldn't even be using them. With a good DVR
and 3 tuners, there's plenty of stuff to choose from.

Brad Midgley

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