Comcast Fiber to the Node

Doran L. Barton fozz at
Mon Mar 8 22:44:03 MST 2010

On Monday 08 March 2010, Michael Torrie proclaimed:
> One of my VoIP providers has you register a physical address with your
> phone number which should make response to 911 calls about the same as
> normal land lines.

I hope someday the response time for emergency cell/VOIP calls gets to be the 
same or better than landline calls. But, for now, when you call 911 from a 
cell phone or VOIP phone, your call gets routed to a service provided by your 
phone carrier who then confirms your location, possibly using an E911 location 
database populated with physical address information you've provided in the 
past, and then routes the call to the appropriate local dispatch facility. 
Thats one to two extra "hops" compared to calling 911 via a landline. 

This is why when you're setting up an Asterisk PBX, it's advisable to have at 
least a single POTS line for backup and 911 calls even if you're running the 
majority of your traffic over SIP or IAX.

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