OT:E911 location info [was: Comcast Fiber to the Node]

Aaron Toponce aaron.toponce at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 18:18:05 MST 2010

David Turley wrote:
> I think you may be over-reading this article.  Location capable != GPS
> in all cases.  I have a GSM Nokia phone that was manufactured in '08
> and it does not have a GPS chip in it.  It is locatable, however.  GPS
> chips and antennas add an unnecessary expense to some phones.  Most
> GSM providers can use tower triangulation to get this information.
> Most likely if your phone does have a GPS, then there is an App or
> service available for your phone to be a PND.  If they (manufacturer)
> are going to add it to the phone, then they are going to sell it as a
> "feature" and get more money from you for it.

I used the article to back up my claim, not as research. When I was
selling cell phones for AT&T, Sprint and Cricket back in 2001-2004, we
as salesman became aware of this "feature". We were told that they were
indeed GPS chips pinpointing location of the phone, rather than just
cell tower triangulation, and even went to sales training about the new
proposed FCC regulation.

We were trained that the GPS phones will have two modes: location-mode
and 911-mode, and that the 911-mode was a minimum requirement, while the
location-mode was optional. The phone had to pinpoint the location in
911-mode within 100m, while location-mode could get within 3m.

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but this is what I recall from those training
sessions and the info we were getting at the time.

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