Comcast Fiber to the Node

Doran L. Barton fozz at
Mon Mar 8 16:08:00 MST 2010

On Monday 08 March 2010, Robert Merrill proclaimed:
> When Qwest finally dies, and we are left with Comcast only - how do you
> regulate them? Does this eventually move us to deregulated telcos?

You know... when Qwest "dies" and we're left with Comcast for suckers who 
think Comcast's phone service is a landline (it's not. It's VOIP), well, I 
don't really think it'll be a problem. 

I don't think Qwest is gonna die anytime soon specifically for that reason. For 
instance, no VOIP service can deliver 911 service as effectively as a real POTS 
landline. Not yet, anyway. That's something to consider if you're thinking 
about switching away from Qwest telephone service to VOIP or just cell phones.  
It can literally add minutes to the time until an ambulance or EMT arrives at 
your location.

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