Comcast Fiber to the Node

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Sun Mar 7 12:46:17 MST 2010

On Fri, March 5, 2010 19:36, Mike Lovell wrote:
> pulling fiber to each subscriber? isn't that fiber to the home and not
> fiber to the node? i'm surprised to hear that comcast is pulling fiber
> to the home.

Yes, it is fiber to the box in your front yard. Technically a node. Then it is
coax going from the box in your front yard to your house. So, copper for the
last 30-50 feet or so. It is apparently possible to support up to 150Mbps
using this type of setup.

> i guess welcome to capitalism until it drives all other options out of
> the market. :( that is probably just my usual skepticism of the big
> telcos (yeah, i consider them a telco now) and their usually underhanded
> practices.

Yet, that is the ONLY option for a corporation. To push as many competitors
out of the market as possible while not catching the attention of the DOJ
(except for every now and then). It is also expected that a corp will use as
many dirty tricks legally allowed as possible. The revenue/profit has to grow
each quarter, and as much as possible.

When Qwest finally dies, and we are left with Comcast only - how do you
regulate them? Does this eventually move us to deregulated telcos?


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