Comcast Fiber to the Node

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Fri Mar 5 10:53:24 MST 2010

Is anyone on the list using Comcast's fiber to the node? They are claiming you
can get up to 50Mbps down, and 16Mbps up. They will be pulling the fiber down
to each subscriber in our neighborhood next week, and a lot of people we know
have signed up. I've been asked if it is any good. I'm curious if anyone is
currently using it.

IMHO the bandwidth claims are a little dubious. The latency on Comcast's
system lately has been horrid. Also, they route all Utah traffic through
Denver (the best I can tell). So, 50Mbps to Denver? Maybe. Anywhere else -
good luck.

Further, I now understand why Comcast was fighting so hard against
municipalities building their own fiber networks. Comcast was probably
planning to build their own this whole time. By killing fiber projects at
several municipalities they have successfully cornered the fiber market in
those areas. I've also heard rumors that Comcast is bringing FTTN in and
under-cutting any existing fiber options by up offering up to 50% discounts.

The Comcast people knocked on our door, offering full bundles of
TV/Internet/Phone for competitive rates. The non-promotion rates are up to $40
lower than their current non-fiber rates, the promotion knocks off another
$20. It seems like they REALLY want to see this network build out quickly.

Welcome to capitalism. Very good play by Comcast. This offering sounds like it
will make Qwest have to work even harder to make their FTTN offering viable
(good luck Qwest, you're in big trouble!). The average consumer won't know how
this works, and will be glad to sign up.


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