Ideas for March Meeting: Linux CLI Basics?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Mon Mar 1 09:59:07 MST 2010

Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> There seems to be some interest for a meeting topic that would be more
> suitable for beginners. Perhaps something like an introduction to the CLI, or
> basic desktop troubleshooting, etc. Is there anyone on the list interested in
> such a topic? Does anyone know of someone who might come to such a meeting?
> The feedback I've gotten is that it might be nice to do something ultra-basic,
> with a lot of examples. This is a summary of questions we could try to answer:
> -What is a shell?
> -How do I navigate?
> -I've only used windows, I'm lost. Help?
> -How do I fix stuff when it breaks?
> -Where and how do I find help?
> If you have any other ideas for topics, I'd love to hear them.

- Basic ssh and scp use.  Those two commands are some of the most-used
things on a linux command line.  Also setting up and using ssh keys.

Other invaluable command line things:
- how to use rsync, both local and across ssh
- simple vi survival skills (how to get out of vi is most useful!)
- the unix find command.  Just a few switches will go a long way
- a few bash things like the for command (not talking scripts here--I
use the for statement on the prompt all the time).

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