colo/managed hosting review

Scott Edwards supadupa at
Tue Jun 29 15:02:19 MDT 2010

It's been long enough since my last managed hosting use, that I don't recall
some of the better places to search for services and quotes (besides the
haphazard Googling it).

If you have any suggestions for reliable, non-biased search and review of
co-location and managed hosting, please let me know.  I'd like a bare metal
box, or xen/kvm with the ability to run multiple guests.  I'm not interested
in desktop hardware in a server role.

If I'm going colo, I would like to find places in Tennessee (as I just moved
here).  I might consider Utah, if the situation is to my liking (since I can
visit, and delegate some matters to a local contact I already have).

Thanks in advance!

-- Still a plugger in heart, although my piece of terra firma is elsewhere.

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