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Thu Jun 24 14:15:23 MDT 2010

On 06/24/2010 01:15 PM, Merrill Oveson wrote:
> I may need some help wiring a building.
> I don't have the tools, or the expertise to do this on my own.
> (It's mostly just cabling cat 5e wire from the wall to a patch panel.)
> Anybody out there interested, or know of somebody who can do this?
> Yes, I've contacted communications companies - and they want a fortune
> to do something that seems not that hard or complicated.
> Merrill
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They all want a fortune because it is mind numbing, tedious, and 
extremely time consuming.

One or two lines are not bad.  800 lines are horrific.

How many are you planning to run, and roughly how long are they?

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