Yes, we have no hibernate today

Shane Hathaway shane at
Thu Jun 24 11:26:57 MDT 2010

On 06/24/2010 09:44 AM, Charles Curley wrote:
> I realized that what was farkled was not the kernel itself, but the
> initrd. So I made a backup copy of the fallback kernel's initrd. I then
> purged the hibernate package. In the process of removing it, apt
> created a new initrd -- replacing the farkled one, not the fallback
> initrd. So that solved that problem.
> I have rebooted to the newer kernel.
> I still don't have a menu entry for hibernating, though.

It sounds like you're using hibernation with an encrypted swap device. 
Is that even possible? ;-)  Has it worked before?

Also, I am interested to hear if you have really had a good experience 
with hibernation on Linux.  On my laptop, sleeping works well, but 
resuming from hibernation takes far too long to be worthwhile.


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