Virtual Machine routing On Ubuntu

Richard Esplin richard-lists at
Thu Jun 17 19:45:50 MDT 2010

What virtualization software (hypervisor) are you using? VMWare, VirtualBox, KVM, Xen?

How did you set up the NIC in the hypervisor? NAT vs bridged vs host-only?

In Virtualbox I set up two NICs, one as NAT and one as host-only in order to make my VM available to other VMs, the host, and enable access to the outside world while still protecting it from the host's physical network.


On Thursday, June 17, 2010 18:32:17 Charles Curley <charlescurley at> wrote:
> I have several VMs on a Ubuntu 9.10 host, and they have networking set
> up. I can ssh in to them from the host, but not from other machines, in
> spite of having the route set up correctly on the other machines.
> I also notice that I can get updates on the VMs (yum, apt, etc.) but
> not web pages from the outside world. But I can get web pages from the
> host.
> So something is filtering the virtual network. What is it and how do I
> control it?

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